Best Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Best Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi
March 20, 2023

What is Zirconia Crown? Advantages and Benefits

Dental crowns or caps are tooth-shaped material that is used by dentists to cover or replace your original tooth that is broken, chipped or to change the appearance of your natural tooth. Many different types of dental crowns are being used nowadays depending on the goal of your treatment.

Zirconia crowns, one of the most popular types of dental crown are becoming in-demand due to several reasons.
Here are some points you can keep on mind to know more about this type of crown.

What is Zirconia Crown made of?

Zirconia or zircon crowns are made of zirconium dioxide that makes it more durable than other crowning material. As it is made of pure zirconia, this type of crown has less risk of causing inflammation to patient`s gums.

What are the advantages of Zirconia Crown?

While zirconia crowns are becoming the leading choice on tooth crowning, it is also becoming famous because of several advantages it has compared to other crowning material.

• Strength and Durability – Having a Zirconia crown gives you a much greater strength than the other types of dental crown. Patients who grind their teeth or exert great force when chewing are always recommended to have Zirconia as other type of dental crowns might easily get broken by their habit.

• Biocompatibility – This type of crown is made out of full zircon material only without any other dental materials like metal and acrylic, which is an advantage as Zirconia crowns are less likely to cause any inflammation or reaction on patients gums and body.

• Natural Tooth Preservation – Trimming of the natural tooth has been always crucial for the dental crowns to have a good fit and strength. As zirconia material already offers a great strength, it does not require as much of the removal of the natural tooth, which means preservation of your original tooth is higher than with the use of the other materials.

• Prevention of Tooth Sensitivity – Having a dental crown can lead to tooth sensitivity if not fitted properly or if broken. Zirconia crowns lessen the risk of this sensitivity as it provides a better fit than other dental crowns. With zirconia crowns, resistance to hot and cold are better as it do not transfer extreme high temperature to your original tooth.

Zirconia crowns also differs from other types of dental crown in different aspects like prices, preparation time and appearance.

• Price – Cost of a zircon crown may be higher than the other crowning materials as it provides a better solution. On average, zirconia crowns in Abu Dhabi starts at 600 AED. Prices may vary depending on the case of the patient, as other treatment might be necessary before proceeding with the crowns.

• Preparation and Delivery Time – Fabrication and delivery of a zirconia crown are normally faster than the others as it does not need any other material to be mixed with the final crown.

• Appearance – Final appearance of a Zirconia may not be as natural as the one`s e-max and ceramic crowns as it focuses on the strength and durability. With zirconia crowns being used on teeth on the back, appearance may be less of an issue or concern.


In conclusion, it is given that having a zirconia crown gives you a stronger and more durable tooth than with the use of other materials. It is also noted that zirconia crowns have its advantages and disadvantages depending on the case of the tooth to be treated.

Having a dental crowns requires a proper dental consultation and check-up to identify the status of your tooth. It is always recommended to choose the best dental clinic near you as having a zirconia crown can cause big effect on you oral health.

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