Best Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Best Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi
February 14, 2023

What is Gum Disease And Its Treatment?

Wondering why your gums are bleeding? Want to get rid of your bad breath? These are some of the most common and important issues about your dental health that needs attention to avoid severe dental problems. Smile First Dental Clinic, as of one of the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi, provides the following points on diagnosing and treating gum disease.

  1. Gum disease can occur at any age, from kids to adults with the following symptoms:

• Bad breath and Bad Taste on your mouth.
• Swollen and Reddish Gums
• Mouth Sores
• Bleeding of the gums while brushing or flossing.

Gum disease, also called as Gingivitis or Periodontitis happens when bacterial growth happens on your mouth, causing gums to be inflamed and irritated. Without proper dental hygiene, food plaque builds around your teeth and causes tooth decay. Once decay is ignored and last for more than 48 hours, it turns into a hard form, called as tartar that forms underneath your gums. This tartar then causes the irritation on your gums while brushing and without proper dental cleaning, it will lead to having a bad breath.

  1. There are two stages of gum disease, Gingivitis and Periodontitis:

• Gingivitis – is the early stage of gum disease causing minor issues that usually come and go. With proper preventive dental treatments, this condition can be reversed. Common symptoms of gingivitis are gum swelling and bleeding. Gingivitis, commonly, doesn’t cause any tooth pain.

• Periodontitis – happens when gingivitis was left uncured. During this condition, gum tissue and bone that keeps your teeth in place are being inflamed. At this point, major dental procedures are required to avoid tooth loss. If untreated, periodontitis often causes bad breath, tooth pain and sensitivity, loose and misaligned teeth and gum recession.

  1. Gum Disease is treated depending on case and condition:

Proper and preventive dental treatment can reverse early stages of gum disease and avoid its progression to severe gum conditions. However, these following dental procedures are needed depending on one`s situation.

• Regular dental cleaning, scaling and polishing. With or without gum disease, dental cleaning is a must on everyone. It is a procedure which certainly cleans your teeth and gums by removing plaque and tartar. Dental Polishing also helps to keep your teeth off to plaque.

• Root Planning

A non-surgical procedure in which dentists smoothen out uneven surfaces on your tooth`s root to avoid bacteria and prevent plaque buildup. This procedure helps your gumline to be firmly attached to your teeth.

• Antibiotics prescribed by your dentist

Though dental treatments are more preferred than prescribed medicines, Antibiotics also helps in controlling gum infection. Topical and gel form antibiotics are commonly prescribed by dentists after undergoing dental procedure for gum disease.

• Root Debridement

Is the combination of deep scaling and polishing and root planning that is used to treat and stop the progression of gum disease. Commonly done for severe gum disease, this treatment is usually performed under local anesthesia. Dentists then go beyond your gumline and treat your infected tissue with the used of specialized dental tools.

• Flap Surgery

With local anesthesia, this procedure is done by creating small incision to separate the gums from the teeth. Gum tissue will then be planned and adjusted to support ligament and bone tissue. Dentists may also use grafting materials to repair bone defects and multiple ligament procedures will also be performed. Antibiotics are normally prescribed after this procedure.


It is important to have a regular checkup and visit with the best dental clinic near you in Abu Dhabi to prevent dental issues like gum disease. It is also important to choose a dental clinic that offer wide-range of dental services to accurately determine and attend any dental issues you may have.

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