Best Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Best Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi
February 9, 2023

How Are Temporary and Permanent Crowns Different?

While performing different prosthodontics treatment in Abu Dhabi, teeth preparation will always be a must. During this phase, natural tooth becomes vulnerable that may lead to different dental issues like sensitivity, misalignment and may be even chipped. Preventing these concerns to occur, specialist will then fabricate Temporary Crowns to protect your teeth.

What is Temporary Crown?

Temporary Crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is used to protect your tooth until the Permanent Crown is fabricated. Made out of resin or acrylic-based material, temporary crown has its limitation compared to the permanent one.

Generally, Temporary Crowns are used to:

• To protect tooth from sensitivity.
• To avoid misalignment of teeth.
• To help you smile normally without gaps.
• To shape gums to fit in the permanent crowns.
• Helps dentist to assess how the permanent crowns will function.

How long should Temporary Crowns be in place?
On regular basis, temporary crowns should be worn within 2-3 weeks depending on the dental procedure being done to the patient. Major prosthodontics treatments such as dental implants may require an extra time depending on the extent of work that is needed.

What is the difference between Temporary and Permanent Crowns?

Generally, appearance will be different between these two types of tooth replacement. Temporary Crowns are usually made of resin and acrylic-based material giving it limitations on adjusting the color and aesthetic appearance of it. On the other hand, Permanent Crowns were usually fabricated using Zirconia and Porcelain materials making it more aesthetically pleasing than the temporary. Permanent Crowns are also done in dental laboratory while temporary crowns can be done in-office by a dental expert.

Conclusion: Temporary Crowns plays an important role to achieve success on different prosthodontic treatments in Abu Dhabi. It helps in protecting the teeth during preparation and serve as a fitting for the gums before the delivery of the Permanent Crowns. Aesthetically, difference will be seen between temporary and the permanent one given that they are made of different materials. Temporary crowns should be used for a short-term phase while permanent crowns would normally last for years.

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