Best Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Best Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi
March 9, 2023

Dental Treatments to Replace a Missing Tooth

Having a missing tooth can really make an impact on losing confidence and can be a cause of insecurity especially when smiling or being in front of someone. Luckily, several dental treatments in Abu Dhabi to replace a missing tooth are now available in the market. From dentures to dental implants, different options are being offered depending on one`s case and dental condition.

Here are some of the best prosthodontic dental treatments you can consider to bring back your smile:

• Dentures

If budget is your concern when considering a tooth replacement procedure, denture is an option for you. Dentures are made by having a false tooth attached to an acrylic base to look like your gums. Depending on the number of missing teeth your denture will replace, different types and materials can be used. Having a denture also gives you a tooth replacement that can be removed when sleeping or when having discomfort. During long period of time, your dentures might be required to be replaced as your gums and mouth shape changes over time.

• Dental Bridges

Dental Bridge is one of the prosthodontic dental treatments that gives you a semi-permanent solution on your missing tooth. This artificial tooth is commonly made out of zirconia, ceramic or porcelain that makes dental bridge an option that gives a better appearance than dentures. Dental Bridges are also attached into place by using a special cement and adhesives that makes it a fixed dental option for your missing tooth.

• Dental Implants

Dental Implant is considered as the best tooth replacement option in terms of efficiency and performance. As an artificial tooth root that is implanted to your jawbone, dental implant gives you the same benefit of your natural tooth. This prosthodontic dental treatment also gives you a permanent result compared to the other tooth replacement options. In addition, since dental implant is attached to your jaw structure, tendencies of the artificial tooth to be removed will not be a problem.

Other teeth replacement procedures like Implant-Supported Bridge, Hybrid Implant Bridge and other advanced prosthodontic dental treatments can also be considered base on the severity and condition of the case.


As a conclusion, different dental options to replace a missing tooth are available depending on the case and situation of a patient. Appearance, efficiency and structure of the artificial tooth changes depending on the type of the option you will have. Before proceeding on a treatment to replace your missing tooth, it is always recommended to consult with the best prosthodontist near you and a dental clinic that has a wide range of services.

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