Best Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Best Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi
March 30, 2023

Common Dental Treatments For Children

As children grows, it is always a parent`s responsibility to keep them safe and away from different childhood health concerns and problems. One of these common issues is their oral health, that’s why it is always important to know the common dental treatments for children, which is performed by a pediatric dentist.

Several pediatric treatments or dental treatment for kids are becoming available nowadays to avoid oral problems like cavities, tooth sensitivity etc. These can be considered as important treatments they must have as these are preventive measures that helps to lessen the risk of different oral health issues.

Here are some of the essential pediatric dental treatments your children must have to prevent any dental related problems.

Fluoride Application:

Fluoride application is a dental treatment in which a pediatric dentist applies a topical fluoride in the surface of the child’s teeth. Fluoride is a mineral that helps in preventing dental issues such as tooth decay and sensitivity by improving the strength of the tooth’s enamel, which is the protective covering of our teeth. Fluoride application is commonly done by dentists after tooth cleaning, normally recommended twice a year.

Fissure Sealants:

Sealants also called as Fissure Sealants are white coatings applied on the fissures or deep lines of your child`s back teeth or molars. These sets of teeth plays major role in chewing or biting and where cavities normally grow. This procedure is one of the most important pediatric dental treatments that lessen the risk of tooth decay.

Regular Dental Examination and Consultation:

Dental examination and consultation plays an important role in achieving oral health success for your child. Regular dental check-up helps to identify any form of oral related issues like cavities, tooth decay and even gum disease. Regular consultation with dentist also helps in avoiding and preventing common dental issue that may come on later age like teeth misalignment.

Proper dental hygiene and routine is always considered important at all ages, starting from childhood. Parental guidance is also crucial for all children to achieve a healthy smile.
Having seen by a pediatric dentist near you in Abu Dhabi regularly is also recommended to identify any oral related problems and to perform common dental treatments your children may need.

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