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April 28, 2023

Are There Age Limits for Having a Dental Implant?

“What age can I get a dental implant?” “Am I too old to get an implant?”, these are some common questions we can always think of when talking about getting your implant done. As per Smile First, a dental clinic that performs different type of dental implants in Abu Dhabi, answers to these questions are explained with the following explanations.

When considering a replacement for a missing tooth, dental implants always come as a top-tier choice. Aside from its given advantages than other prosthodontic treatments like dental bridge or dentures, dental implants are always chosen for its long-lasting result and solution.

What age can I get a dental implant?

Even though dental implants provide a replacement for your missing tooth, it is not ideal to get it done by just everyone. As we all know, toddlers or children cannot have this dental treatment as their missing tooth are just commonly caused by their unerupted permanent tooth. Primary teeth, also called as milk teeth that are removed doesn’t need any tooth replacement as permanent teeth naturally come.

Even as children gets older and reach the adult age of 18 years, it is still not recommended to get an implant done to replace their missing tooth. Mainly, it is because during this age, majority of people are still growing and changes on their jaw and bone structure can still happen. With this concern, dental implant cannot be placed as it is attached permanently to your jaw structure and any movement or changes may affect its condition and function.

For majority of prosthodontists, it is highly favored to perform a dental implant with the youngest age of 20 and after performing professional and complete consultation and dental examinations.

Can I be too old for a dental implant?

Regularly, people do experience tooth loss at older or those who are in their 60s – 70s. So technically, having a dental implant at an older age will be fine. However, overall health condition of a patient is also being checked and noted before proceeding with dental implant. Older patients that are having some serious health issues like heart problem can still be ruled out of having a dental implant.


Except for young children, having a dental implant doesn’t really need to be at a right age. Anyone at any age who wants to have a better treatment for their missing tooth can consider dental implants, as long as they are out of some serious health problems.

For a better understanding about different prosthodontic treatments like implants, Smile First Dental Clinic, a provider of dental implants in Abu Dhabi, will always be reachable for free consultation.

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