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Restorative Dentistry

Some of the advantages associated with the restorative dentistry are diagnostic and preventive care like X-Rays, Cleanings and Oral Exams. Anesthetics and fillings are performed here and major restorative acre plans include crowns, bridges, and dentures Restorative dentistry processes are very important for filling up the empty spaces in the mouth and missing teeth making it quite easier to maintaining better habits of oral care hygiene to prevent the plaque build-up and its negative consequences. The role of restorative dentists can impact patients self-esteem, appearance and oral health.

Amalgam Restoration

Unfortunately, the use of this kind of metallic restoration is declining in private practices, to the extent that it’s no longer used in most dental clinics in Abu Dhabi. This could be due to several factors, for example, the difficulty and time involved in preparation of the cavity to receive the restoration, the requirement of expensive specialist equipment, or because of the metallic appearance of the amalgam. However, it also has a lot of advantages, its strength being the major one. Here at Smile First, we are one of the very few dental clinics in Abu Dhabi that still has the capability and equipment to use this kind of restoration, although we limit its use to those teeth found in the back of the mouth and which are under constant pressure.

Composite Restoration

Considered these days as the material of choice to restore cavities, this comes in a variety of colours and shades that allow our dentists to mimic the colour of the tooth being restored and give it such a natural appearance that it’s almost impossible to notice once in place. Our dental team use the best composite available on the market, which is also capable of withstanding the heavy forces of mastication.

Price List

Composite Fillings

200-500 AED
(Per Tooth)

Amalgam Fillings

150-350 AED
(Per Tooth)


150-300 AED


250 AED


500-1000 AED


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