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The chief objective of our practitioners is to provide all-inclusive dental care services for people of all ages—be it a senior citizen or a couple of years old child. From creating a pleasant and children-friendly environment to understanding every dental and psychological need, we are experienced in Pedodontics and children dental care.

Preventive Treatment

This includes professional fluoride application and pit and fissure sealants, both of which have great capability for caries reduction.

Primary Teeth Extraction

Here at Smile First dental clinic, the removal of your child’s primary teeth is done without any pain, to maintain your child’s positive attitude toward dental treatment and oral hygiene, and it is carried out as carefully as possible to prevent damage to the permanent teeth found underneath the primary teeth.

Space Maintaining

After tooth removal, there will be an empty space that the neighboring tooth will drift and move towards, taking up the space needed for the correct eruption of the permanent tooth. To prevent this occurring, our dental team will place a space maintainer to keep the space until the eruption of the permanent tooth.

Vital and Non-Vital Root Therapy

At Smile First, we believe in always saving a tooth whenever we can, even if it is a primary tooth, and this comes from our understanding of the negative impact tooth extraction may have on your child. So, we perform various treatments for your child’s primary teeth, ranging from full, painless root canal treatment to removal of only the inflamed portion of their affected primary teeth nerves.

Price List

Scaling and Polishing

150-250 AED

Fluoride Application

100-300 AED


150-300 AED
(Per Tooth)

Root Canal Filling

250-500 AED
(Per tooth (depending on number of canals))


100-500 AED
(Per tooth)


150-300 AED


250 AED


500-1000 AED


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