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Oral Surgery

Getting your tooth extracted is in adulthood is not a preferred choice, but at times it can be necessary. The reasons could be many ranging from tooth decay and infection to crowded mouth and gum disease. Tooth extraction is the last-option procedure that dentists go for when it comes to treating your teeth and gums. The process could be painful, and sometimes it can leave you at risk of gum infection, allowing bacteria to enter your bloodstream.
Here at Smile First dental clinic, our teams of highly trained practitioners try to find out the alternative surgery and treatment rather than relying on tooth extraction surgery to salvage your gums and teeth- set from potential damage.

Smile First dental clinic provides you with a wide array of oral surgeries and procedures, ranging from tooth extraction to implant placement and wisdom tooth removal.
At Smile First, we not only ensure you with a safe and healthy environment but we also make sure that the suggested procedure is cost-friendly and effective. Once the tooth extraction surgery is completed, we keep a check on the health and condition of the gums and teeth with regular follow-ups and checkups.

Price List

Simple Extraction

150-500 AED
(Per Tooth)

Surgical Extraction

600-1500 AED
(Per Tooth)


150-300 AED


250 AED


500-1000 AED


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