Wisdom for your Wisdom Tooth!

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Wisdom for your Wisdom Tooth!

Dr. Fahad, 31 July 2019

Wisdom for your Wisdom Tooth!

Do I need to remove my wisdom tooth? At what age does wisdom tooth come in? Is it always painful when they come in? These are some of the usual questions about wisdom tooth.

Smile First Dental Clinic is here to help! Let us assist in getting your Wisdom for your Wisdom Tooth!

Is it necessary to remove your wisdom tooth?

Wisdom Teeth may not be removed it they meet the standard requirement of a proper tooth development such as:

  • 1.Fully grown.
  • 2.Positioned and Aligned correctly.
  • 3.Cleanable to be part of daily hygiene.

What if your wisdom tooth didn`t meet these qualifications?

This is where an Oral Surgery will be considered. It is always recommended to pullout wisdom tooth when they are not fully developed, as it causes tooth impaction. Impacted Tooth may cause different oral problem such as, pain, bad breath and improper teeth alignment.

When does wisdom teeth appears?

“Wisdom Teeth” was named to the time when they commonly appear. They are the last molars to grow on our oral development. These are the additional set of molars that start to grow at age 17-24, the age when we are already learning about life.

NOT EVERYONE HAVE WISDOM TOOTH. Yes, it is possible for you to miss it and there`s nothing to worry about. Wisdom teeth are just an extra set of molars that are not a necessity for the human body to function properly.

Are wisdom teeth always painful when they come in?

Wisdom teeth are unpredictable, timing, appearance and specially the PAIN it will bring.
Pain from wisdom tooth depends on how and when it appears. There are times that wisdom teeth are trying to grow without enough room to erupt. This situation causes the tooth to grow at abnormal angles which affect other teeth and gums and in the latter part causes pain.
And yes, it is possible for your wisdom tooth to develop without causing any pain. As stated, pain was only the effect of improper tooth development. An impacted can be painless, and you may not even realize that it is there as long as it is growing perfectly.

And like any other dental issues, it will always be the best to visit a dental clinic and let them help you overcome your oral issues.

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