About Smile First Dental Clinic

We have the dental experience to make you smile for a lifetime.

Dr Fahad Mohamad

Smile First Dental Clinic is a reputed clinic in the emirate of Abu Dhabi offering a wide range of dental services. Patients management is based on professional office culture offering expandable services, engagement, Respect, flexible options of finance, upgrading the scheduling system, developing the patient referrals and ensuring the fact that the staffs are properly trained. We try to offer successful dental practice through creating unique processes, staying actionable with the goals, enduring growth and training of the staffs.


Founder of the clinic is Dr. Fahad Mohamad Dr. Fahad is the owner of incredible credentials as a prosthodontist and implantologist and this has offered him quite an outstanding reputation as an excellent dentist in the UAE. Dr Fahad has created this dental clinic embracing only the best in customer service and contemporary dentistry. Dr. Fahad qualified from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland and accomplished Master`s degree in Prosthodontics.


Mission of Smile First Dental Clinic is to offer our patients the best dental care and exceptional customer service. The clinic works with patients to provide them with a better oral health, aesthetic appearance and chewing ability to improve their csonfidence, life quality and nutrition. It relies on a proven technology of diagnosis, effective protocols of treatment and the best dental materials allowing patients to enjoy long-lasting, incredibly comfortable and safe dental care.


Vision of Smile First Dental Clinic is to exceed the expectations of the patients in every possible way. The clinic also aims to succeed through offering the best possible quality of dental care complemented with an outstanding customer service at very competitive prices. Furthermore, Smile First maintains a safe and modern care environment where dentists can practice their daily duties as a team with excellent communication and collaboration to provide high quality dental care to the patients. Smile first as an Organization get inspired through its social contributions, public outreach and community engagement.


Sense of Family
Smile First Dental Clinic treats everyone with care and respect to form a pleasant dental environment.

Our clinic aims to motivate the community to have an excellent oral healthcare.

We aim to be the standard for dental care by providing the best treatment for our patients.

Our clinic was formed to create a direction for dental patients as well as the workforce

Our clinic was composed of a highly trained professional dental team to provide a high standard dentistry.


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